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Our theme this month is crazy approaches (Lukla, Courcheval, Kai Tak, aircraft carriers etc...)

Any type of aircraft. It could even be an extreme cross-wind landing or short field like Saba.

(Thanks to Rob for the idea)

Good luck one and all and please take note of the rules here!

The closing date is 23:59 GMT Sunday, 31st January 2010.

Good luck great.gif

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Interesting Topic this Month!

Here are my efforts:

A Seneca Trying to Land at the awful Courchavel Airport in France:


Flaring just before Touchdown at Courchael, dangerous as ever:


Approaching the Tiny, almost indistinguishable Frenach Airport hidden in the Alps:


Thanks very much for viewing, good luck to all!

AA :thumbup:

EDIT: Just noticed Joe has already included Courchavel in his first post! :smile:

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OK,Here are my first entries.

Harrier landing on the Burg Al Arab Hotel, Dubais


Lockheed L188 Electra approaching Marilia,Brazil


RAF C130 ,Tactical approach during stormy weather over Kandahar, Afghanistan


this may not be the final line up !

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Tricky Crosswind approach to Princess Juliana TNCM, don't get your feet wet!


Another angle from the above approach, anyone still on that beach will get more then just a suntan!


And the smaller AA 757-200 that followed didn't have an easy time either, lets not clip that fence shall we!


Good luck to all.

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