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This month, tailwheel aircraft are the flavour of the day!

Cessna, Dizzie, just so long as the nose points to the sky whilst on the ground. The more unusual the better!

This one finishes 23:59 GMT, Sunday 28th Feb 2010

Good luck.

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Ok lets go,

First up the Supermarine Attacker, The only british JET taildragger to enter squadron service!


then the mighty Handley Page HP42


finally the Handley Page Hastings C1 dropping off spares at Waddington in the early 1960s


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I kid you not, Dodgy-Alan. I took this screenshot before I saw yours. I guess we're on the same wavelength, since we both liked the idea of showing only a single engine running. At least they were different (though closely related) aircraft.

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