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Ai separation is a tricky one to find but works brilliantly alongside AI smooth.....and yes the two can be made to work together without any conflicts. I'll PM you the files you need.

Ai separation slews aircraft when a conflict occurs which some people didn't like but Ai smooth can be set up to put the Aircraft in a hold before it needs to be slewed so you get the best from both packages and your user aircraft is recognized and not just ignored. :thanks:

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John the filename at Avsim for AI separation is fsaisv1.1.zip

filename for Ai smooth is aismv120.zip over at flightsim.com

Use the tweaks to get both to work together and they work seamlessly alongside each other in FSX and FS9.......and for the final touch i use Radar Contact which freezes ground traffic 2 miles out from the runway until touchdown just stop any that might have slipped through the net....not that i ve seen that happen at all when both packages are running. Finally AI isn't stupid!....well almost

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