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acer predator

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hi all been looking at this series of computers for a while now hence my earlier post ref the radeon graphic card.

a friend of mine is selling his predator g7200 very cheap and i am about to snap it up.dont think its a year old yet but he needs the cash and i like the machine.

he doesnt use the flight sims at all but reckons this machine would run them without any problem,especially fsx.

was looking at some of these predator computers and they start at about 900 quid and upwards,i know people will say that it would be better to have one custom built ar whatever,personally i wouldnt know where to start.

i love the shape of this computer and have heard a lot of good reviews about it and also some bad ones.

the computer i am using now is fantastic for running fs 2004 on just about full settings,but struggles on low to medium on fsx,still playable but i want better.

as i said i am about to snap this computer up as it his almost half the price of a new one,and i am biting at the bit.

what do you reckon about this computer running fsx,and what do you think of the machine in general?

thanks for reading mick

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Hi Mick

I managed to lift this spec off another site so that our members can have a look.

Windows Vista Home Premium ,

AMD Phenom 9750 X4 CPU (2.4 Ghz)- Air Cooled CPU,

2* 2GB DDR2 1066MHz SDRAM

640GB SATA Hard Disk Drive,

DVD-RW Drive,

ATI HD4850 DDR3 Graphics Card,

750 Watt Power Supply

I don't personally have any experience of AMD processors or ATI graphics cards so cannot make a qualified assessment.

It certainly has the spec to run FSX reasonably well but not top end.


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