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This month I would like to see shots which feature the cockpit, a VC shot looking out on approach, banking, looping or totally internal, it's up to you. (It doesn't have to be a VC shot btw)

The closing date is Wed June 30 2010 23:59 BST (UTC+1)

Good luck and please take note of the Rules winka.gif

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Again, another intersting theme!

Will have to jump in right away with this A300B4 Cockpit, a very interesting Bird because it is quite unusual for Airbus not to have a Sidestick (as it was one of the very early models):


And something you don't want to be doing very often... Approaching Bishop Rock in a ferocious storm!


Bell 206 trying to land on a cruiseliner:


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Ok here are my first entries

Approaching Stansted at dusk, the nav station on a TU114.


Mach 1 in a Vulcan !, It can be done if youre high enough !


Thinking Russian, the superb AN26 departing Stansted


these may not be the final entries

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wonderful shots in here. :dance:

Are forum newbs allowed to enter as well? If not please just disregard my post. :faint:

Approaching Alpe d' Huez


Going up


Heavy storm over Vienna (using simaddons lightning effects)


Thanks for looking - and good luck to everyone!

Kind regards


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These are the final three...

737 Landing at Kai Tak viewed from the A340-600 flight deck.


On dawn final to Logan Intl from the 777 flight deck.


Night time approach to Kai Tak from the 777 flight deck.


And my apologies to Dodgy-alan for replacing the first shot. I caught the new first shot by pure luck and thought it better than the other.

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I've had this knocking around for a while:


It's an update to the default B737-800 2-D panel.....

And, as I've been spending a lot of time developing Missions in this office:


I thought I'd share it with you....

Cheers - Dai. :faint:

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