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Hopefully by now you would have received a mail or have seen my posting here or on JF. The American Adventure is now underway! this has prompted the creation of some dedicated web pages here. http://www.mutleyshangar.com/atwc where you should see the rules laid out and a departure board to keep up with things.

We have already received 10 bids so make sure you get yours in as soon as possible before we start allocating the legs tomorrow morning.


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Hey Sam,

We've had quite a few mails through to the address atwcmail.gif Without the spaces of course :mrhappy:

So should be no problem.

If it's still not working just PM me :mrhappy:


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I have now updated the departure board with flights awarded.

For the moment I have awarded 2 flights per member, that is not to say that a third may not be in the offering.

Where a leg shows "Awaiting bid" in red that shows we have not received any bids for that leg. Where the leg shows bid received it is from a member who has already been awarded 2 flights.

If a leg is approaching that has not been taken I will post in the CCC and on the NOTAM on the departure board.

So Sam it's up to you to kick off the American Adventure :wink:


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Thanks Mutley and Dgor! :wink:

If there are any legs that need someone to fly nearer the time, give me a shout and I'll do them.

The baton is just been loaded onto the Aircraft at SFO :-)

Good luck with the flight Sam :wink:

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Thanks Ben,

Thanks for the feedback.

We tried to accommodate as many member's wishes as possible and by keeping the bids secret and awarding in order of member preference

has worked very well.

I hope the rest of you feel this way too :wink:


(The Controllers)

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Agree! :wink:


The sealed bids via e-mail idea is very good and the preference order is far better than first come-first served. Everyone has one blue chip, one red chip, one white chip. Blue trumps red; red trumps white. This will work admirably.


I also liked the original concept from the early stages of submitting bids during a window of time and then awarding the next leg to the most interesting bid.


The wheels fell off that pretty early and it isn't practical here with the route pre-planned.


The down side here is Mut and Dave get to do all the work and we get to have all the fun.



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Thanks for the update Dave,

I'm just off out now for the afternoon and evening.

Hope you have a great rest of you flight and look forward to seeing the shots when they are done :dance:

Look after things :wink:


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