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The subject for July is Buzzin' In the Bushes, any bushpilot type shot, anywhere in the world.

I will leave it to your interpretation of bush flying as there plenty of references on the web winka.gif

This competition ends 23:59 Sat 31 July 2010.

Thanks to Jack for the topic this month 001_th_smiles89.gif

Good luck and please take note of the Rules

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Here are my entries,

Beech 18 Volpar amphibian, flying into Haines ,Alaska in worsening weather.


Curtiss C46 Commando of Everts Air fuel crawling out of a small Alaskan airstrip. These tough old workhorses are still widely used in remote areas.


Malaysia 1955, Scottish Aviation Pioneer approaching a jungle airstrip in a monsoon at around 40kts, The stol capabilities of these aircraft was amazing.


Thanks for veiwing.

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I love those flamingo's, Manuel!

here's one from me to start, more later, hopefully.


and here are two more:


a new paint for the Cub


and one Catalina, to me, the ultimate bush flying aircraft.

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Here's my first one (though I'm more than a little embarrassed, considering that jaw-dropping shot of Jankees.)

On final to land at at Frieda River Airstrip (was coming in way too fast :P).


Landing after a foggy morning supply run to Fort Langley


Here's the last one. A dusty outback sunset at Boonah.


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No Alan I did not see your shot when I posted mine, sorry Matey.

I have had these shots around for a while now but have not got round to posting them until now. Just waiting for the right comp. I just love this a/c and livery. :biggrin:

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