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Sept: Theme = Battle of Britain

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With Sept being the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, it's a fitting time to be our contest subject.

So any aircraft, fighter or bomber, German or British, that would have seen action in 1940.

The contest ends Sept 30th 23:59 BST

Good luck one and all, looking forward to your entries.


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It depends how you interpret the topic. the Battle Of Britain was only in the period around 1940-41. after that the German invasion was cancelled and the allies went on the offensive. Therefore it depends what Mut is using has a guideline. Is it Just the BoB or WW2 in general. If it s the former then you need to be looking at British fighters and night fighters and German, (and indeed Italian, they made one raid and all got shot down) Bombers and fighters. If its WW2 then of course you could use anything from 1939-45. Ive taken it as the BoB to be within the topic title.

btw there is a lovely Fairey Battle availiable as freeware, you may also like the HP Hampden and the Vickers Wellesley. Both of these are also freeware.

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And my mix for the month

A lost Me 109 somewhere over Kent..


A Spitfire doing a low level roll over Alderney on it's way home..


And the last one. A Hurricane closing in on the relative safety of home, or at least Dover.


All models from the JF Battle of Britain package, so they should have seen action in 1940 as far as I can find out.

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aren't we forgetting that there were Finnish and Italian aircraft that took part in the BoB??....

just a thought...


p.s. hi guys, i managed to find a WiFi spot, albeit a mile away from my room, but still...i'm here! Falklands are great, 3 weeks of 17 completed, just 3 months left now!!

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