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This fantastic JET amphibious aircraft is the Beriev Be-200, it is a multirole aircraft.

Duties include extinguishing forest fires to normal passenger operations.

Check out this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJ-Iw_6tW40

Check out Beriev’s other weird and wonderful models: http://www.beriev.com/

Departing St Petersberg


Water Dump!


Water Landing


Good luck everyone :thum:



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Look again. His first two shots were amphibs.


Thanks. Was a little confused as, when I did some research, I saw that there are floatplanes, flying boats, seaplanes and amphibians, and the definition doesn't seem to be clear as to when one stops and the other begins.

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Why have two different authors posted virtually the same pic? looks like someone is using two different names to get extra prints on ?!! I,m sure thaey wouldnt do that,.....would they?

I think Pedro is just having a little fun with me. Still, it's a rather odd thing to do. Perhaps I will remove mine.

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