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PMDG J41 Cold & Dark Set-Up

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I've been trying to get to grips with the J41 again but kept coming across problems with FSX and PMDG's cold+dark saved flight. I was having to load the default cessna, move to the tutorial flight airport, load the tutorial flight, move to the airport I wanted to fly to, re-set date/time/weather to then go through a 20 minute pre-flight to have the engines blow up on me. Long winded and annoying.

After searching the net it seems that there is some problem with the saved cold+dark flight plan which sometimes can be solved by reloading it. Some people asked PMDG to make a cold+dark button but they claimed it would take too long to write to coding etc...

I came across a post on the AVSIM where someone has made a program that simplifies it all (details below from his post). It can also be done for saved flights but has a couple more steps. I've tried it and it worked perfectly (FSX, W7 64-bit) so for anyone else who has this add-on, it's well worth downloading it!

1. Load J41ColdDark.exe.

2. Load FSX and do a J41 free flight with the livery,

airport, weather and time of your choosing.

3. Press TAB + Q and wait for a few seconds. Your

aircraft should be set up as cold and dark.

Download Link

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