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January theme - Iconic aircraft

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What we would like to see is your interpretation of an iconic aircraft. It could be for example, the Wright Brothers Flyer, or the B52 Buff or perhaps Boeing's Jumbo Jet!

If you want to make a poster type image then we will allow editing to allow your creative juices to run wild!

So fairly open then, we're looking forward to your shots, the competition ends midnight Mon 31st Jan 2011.

Don't forget to check the general rules here three post per member! :salute:

Good luck

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"Up a bit..." - nice one, Simi! Cheers - Dai.

♫ Ova da sea, ova da sea... ♫


Many times, when someone says U.S. Air Force, the fist aircraft that comes to mind is the F-16. It is practically the symbol of the U.S. Air Force and for good reason. Operated by 26 air forces, this majestic bird of prey boasts superb maneuverability in a dogfight while having excellent air to ground capability.


"Our AC-130 is in the air" (sorry couldn't resist the COD reference chance)


Great entries so far :001_th_smiles89:

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No3 pic. FSX and using S Formation for the 4 Spitfire's.

XH558 showing the guy's on the ground at RAF Scampton how to do a wingover, as 4 Spits head for the runway to have their go.


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Had to register first so hope all OK. I have only a very basic computer and no idea what the mother board is, the graphics card is 512mb Nvidia.

I have no fancy addon aircraft, but acquired the Air Bus collection at the Duxford show. In my eyes the A380 is an iconic aircraft and pic taken (several hours waiting for Fraps to click at right time) using real weather this afternoon over Kigali. I consider Nature has taken a flash shot for her collection. All basic FSX.


Hope to get a few more lightning shots, but a long process.


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