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February Theme: Best of British

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Okay chaps, lets get these Kites in the air shall we? Toodle pip!!

Britten Norman Trislander


The Best of British !, The Red Arrows BAe Hawk T1A and the Avro Vulcan over RAF Waddington.


Whispering Giant, the elegant Bristol Britannia


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It has got to be the De Havilland Comet which kick started jet aircraft passenger operations, with its first flight London to Johannesburg!

Even though the aircraft did have some major incidents this was the first of its kind which I believe led us to where we are today in aviation.






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Hi mate, Great pics, just one problem, Tornado wasnt wholly British designed, Its Multinational and we build small bits of it! :thum:

True. However, one could argue that, as it was partially developed by the UK that it was born in the UK (as well as Germany and Italy; all three could lay equal claim to designing it). Besides, the GR4 (pictured) was an update done by BAE systems. However, if it is against the rules, I shall remove it. :cray:

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Hello friends

I'm thinking about removing my picture as it has just been awarded in another screenshot contest (YAY!).

If my picture would be against R&R, please let me know, I'll remove it asap.


Hi Ros,

I don't mind it being a winning shot already. You can change you entries as many times as you like by editing your existing post and removing the old shot, don't forget you can post up to three different shots!


As best of British is the theme I think it should be totally Bitish. We have so many fantastic historical aircraft to choose from.

To all entrants, if you are stuck for original ideas then have a look at the excellent Classic British Flight Sim site Link



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Hey all!

Thought i'd try my hand this time round after a long absence as i've recently got back into Flight Simming! I see that these two aircraft have already been posted so I hope this is ok. It's a difficult theme actually!

Kick off with the BAe Jetstream 41, Eastern bringing commuters into London City at dawn..



And one of the Britten-Norman BN2 Islander, Skybus coming into St Mary's in the Isles of Scilly..


Subject to change!

Best of luck people!



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