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How low and slow can you go!

This month we would like to see low and slow fly-pasts with a high nose-up attitude. You've seen the thing at airshows, an F18 flying at an impossibly low speed with nose at 45%. Low and slow Airbus or Boeing or maybe a bi-plane upside down?

No matter what so long as it is close to the ground and near stall speed.

Good luck, the contest finishes at 23:59 BST March 31st 2011

Please check out the rules before posting.

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Ok How low can you go. Here are my opening shots,

Airbus Display pilot overcooks the mighty A380 at Farnborough!


Cobra!, The incredible Mig 29 doing what it does best!


Not Russian around!! 25ft at 100kts,And at 250 tons the worlds biggest land based, prop driven aircraft!!


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Ladies and Gentlemen, if anyone needs a haircut, now's the time. (I was just over 60 knots at the time. The Kodiak's stall speed, full flaps, is 59 knots).


And another one. The beach goers are getting a good show.


A wake up call for the entire hotel.


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My first contribution this month will be the Cessna O-1/L-19 «Bird dog»

This little aircraft is known for it's low and slow performance. I've seen it in action - using full flaps while flying at about 50 ft AGL. It was quite impressive. :woot:


My #2 shot - the Surfing Cub


...and my last :pilotic:


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I left stats on the top of the screen so you can see that I flew this Tomcat as low and as slow as I could without crashing.

9.7ft above sea level and 115 knots.


And my second entry is the Morane Saulnier.


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This was a very, very scary competition!

Canberra, East Midlands, airfield height is 306ft AMSL


Now, to scare the life out of Joe - Vulcan, Southampton, airfield height is 44ft


And finally, the most scary one of all, a British Airways 707 crew decide 'How low can you gooo?'


All shots are FS9. Add-on details are :

JF/UK2000 - British Airports Sceneries - http://www.justflight.com/product.asp?pid=19# and http://www.justflight.com/product.asp?pid=21 (I think)

JF/PSS - RAF Vulcan (with UKMIL repaint) - http://www.justflight.com/product.asp?pid=310

Flying Stations - Canberra B2 - http://www.flyingstations.com/

Captain Sim - Legendary 707 - http://www.captainsim.com/products/b707/

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I may come with some shots later, but meanwhile, watch

Love the last one...

Brilliant! That last one was done as part of a TV documentary programme on BBC a few years ago, Their transmission was full of BLEEPS ****** at the end !! :icon_thumbup:

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Nice set of videos jankees :icon_thumbup: The nearest I have come to experiencing low flying was sitting next to the pilot in a Jet-ranger (helo) flying at about 50 feet over water at over 100 mph. Just Awesome.

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Ahhh, I can finally show my true flying style...icon_yikes.gif

Good luck to all!

1. I was surprised I could actually do this! (I used the PMDG 747 for maximum realism.)


2. The engines seemed slightly dirty...


3. I went off the runway and burned the grass, but at least I survived! heat.gif


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