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Getting into the theme of our Easter Bunny Rally, this month we would like to see any single or twin prop GA aircraft in any situation.

Please take note of the rules, closing time / date = 23:59 BST April 30th 2011.

Good luck, March Winner up soon!

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Here's my first one. The aircraft are, from left to right, the Sukhoi Su-26, Meyers 500D, SIAI Marchetti, Spartan Executive and the Quest Kodiak.


And my second one. Same shot different lighting. I put them both up as I've just spent an hour trying to decide which one is better...and I can't. :stars:


My third one. A little R&R at Beaufort West.


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well, here's my initial 3 entries....

Piper Super-Cub looking for a place to put-down, the weather just got nasty!


Cessna 152 Climbing out from Quiberon, not having much luck with the weather here either....


and finally, the from inside the Cessna 152, an early morning view of Mont Saint Michel, France at the break of dawn


EDIT - Picture #2 removed & replaced in my next post below...

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These are all unedited shots, believe it or not.

Eintrag nummer eins.

Taken over NY Harbor on New Years Eve. The Cessna 172 is a bit hard to see due to the Fireworks display.


Eintrag nummer zwei.

Landing in SFO as an A380 lands on parallel runway.


Eintrag nummer drei.

The UFO is real, at least in the sense that I did not edit the photo. It was from a mission I was flying where I got bonus points for finding certain objects.


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My three entries for this month... For some strange reason I'm taking shots over Iceland most of the time these days..

No edits done apart for cropping away the menu bar and RC window.





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I went through all my screenshots - which took over 3 hours! :icon_yikes: ) and just picked out the ones I really liked.

...and ended up with 87!

I just couldn't decide which 3 to upload. If it was 5, or 6, it would have been much easier, but to pick just 3 was really hard.

So I just picked 3 at random.



The quality of the last one is not so brilliant,I was doing some Cargo Pilot runs in PNG and had a job in Australia - at the time the scene just made me laugh, so here it is:



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Here are some old shots from my screenshot folder.

Good luck to all!

1. Passing over Maho Beach.


2. Flying over Switzerland in the crisp, morning air.


3. Approaching an airport that I don't remember in the Pacific Northwest (hey, it's a big area). smile.gif


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