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Hi, wow, we are in June already, phew!

This month, we would like to see dramatic shots, we will allow some editing (so long as it is not over the top) so you can get the impact you desire, it can be a near miss, a gob-smacking sunset, stunning scenery or an impossible manoeuvre. This is only limited by your imagination.

The base shot must be from flight sim, we are really looking for a stunning image based on flight sim.

Good luck all, the closing date is 30th June 23:59 BST.



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Just another quickie question please, Joe.

Can I use screenshots that I've posted on other forum's screenshot threads, not for competitions, but, just ordinary weekly posts.


Transport Steve.

Hi Steve,

Yep no problem, thanks for asking :001_th_smiles89:



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Here are my shots :

XS666/A here, the sun nicely looking like the start of an atomic bomb detonation (Inspired by Daimen Burke's 'TSR-2 - Britain's Lost Bomber' book cover) :


A Hawk breaking all the rules and buzzing A6-EDA, an Emirates A380-861, at Heathrow :


And finally, Shuttle Atlantis disposing of the booster rockets and the fuel tank :


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Betcha don't remember this:

... it's what started me on the road to FSX! :whis:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

I was 2years young when that came out although, for some strange reason I remember the 'Whirlybirds'. Strange! Unless they were shown again as I got older. Who knows but I do remember B&W TV.

Ah! the good old daze.:001_th_smiles89:

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