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Planning for beginners

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In my FSX infancy I now seem to have three means of creating Flight Plans (none of which I know how to work - yet!)

There's the FSX variant, REX 2.0 also has a variant and as recommended in one of my other posts there's Plan G.

Novice question, which one should I use? I've started reading the manual for Plan G which seems to provide very useful detailed information.

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Personally, I recommend Plan-G. But then I wrote it, so I'm biased! :pilotic:

Well I have to say that's one of the better reasons I've ever been given :icon_thumbup:

For what it's worth, it's very comprehensive and the manual is a quality read even for a beginner. :bowdown:

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Is it better to use Plan G from a laptop? I have a tablet laptop as well as my main PC and wondered if this would be a better option. Not sure I have the technical knowledge to get it to connect mind :faint:

Understanding and using Plan G is my next target, having said that I could do with some flying lessons, I still struggle to trim the aircraft some days :stars:

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I have taken my first tentative steps into Plan G and started my first Flight Plan. Unfortunately somewhere along the way I managed to delete two radio mast icons (desc?) on the coast near Whitby in the North East, one was named Boulby, not sure about the other one but it was right on top of it. Can I get them back onto the map some how, they didn't re-appear when I closed Plan G and re-opened it.

Probably another "School Boy error" on my behalf when I was trying to remove a user waypoint I'd placed there but you live and learn :winka:

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