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July Theme = God Bless America!

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A pretty open theme, being that July 4 is upon us, let's celebrate Uncle Sam's contribution to aviation.

Let your imagination fly!


This contest finishes 23:59 31st July BST 2011

Good luck all, don't forget 3 shots per member and this time around no edits.



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These are my entries.



'Nam! ..........the immortal Huey!


The end of an Era, 30 years of the Space Shuttle come to an end. without it this forum probably couldnt exist, nor would mobile phones, satnavs, the ISS, dozens of scientific advances, etc etc.


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Blimey, the Americans have given us so much on the aviation front, I've only got 2 screenshots available at the moment, I'll pop another one on soon.

Do I need to tell you what they are, or, can you guess?

If not.....

1) Boeing 737-700

2) Lockheed C-5A

Cheerz. Transport Steve.



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Pic.1 FSX The Old and Not so Old.

An old DC3 pays tribute with a low fly past at dawn, just hours before Atlantis starts her final lift off. :salute:2011-7-13_14-38-52-302.jpg

PS It took me a few goes to get the DC3 in the right place.

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Pic2 fs9. It was in the USA where Controlled Powered Flight all started,way back on the 17th.Dec. 1903 when the Wright brothers took to the skies on their Wright-Flyer it lasted all of 12sec. :icon_bowdown:


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Hi Gents,

I'd like to add an entry to this great competition please!

Unfortunately I've been on a rather long (1 year +) hiatus from FS so they're not the best - but I thought - which forum better to get 'back to the roots' of FS with than Mutleys!

The 'theme' of my 3 entries are "retro, old-metal jets from the bygone" (almost) era of Western aviation.

The first image is of a United Airlines DC-10-30 from KMIA-KORD using good, old-style, reliable INS Navigation. (I attempted to get the Tail in the sun).


The Second and third images were taken in Central Africa - using an American airframe. (I suppose that alone symbolises what the Americans have achieved: reliable airframes, that are still in service decades after production - stil safely carrying passengers around the world - no mission is too big or too small!)

The Second image is of a Kenya Airways Boeing 737-200, depicted in the dusk sky (painted in Continental colours - long story short - it was in storage; Kenya didn't like the E190 so got the old 732 back from (now) United!) (The steep attitude is due to the climb rate of +2200fpm @ FL250)


Finally with entry number three I was attempting to show the nose trying to 'touch' the Moon (a long-shot, but worth a try!)


Thanks and good luck everyone!

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Pic3 FSX. PAA "Clipper America" introducing fast Trans-Atlantic Air Travel in the 50's with this Lockheed L049A Constellation. Just about to touchdown at London Airport from New York.


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Just getting in before the deadline. I had a few shots a while back but tried taking more on Friday, only to find FRAPS hadn't bothered to save any of them. No idea why. So had to start over. Anyway... :blahblah:

God Bless America, they made the first flight and so pioneered general aviation, long-haul air travel, and even visited the moon:


The relatively early beginnings of modern, comfortable, long-distance passenger flights. If only air travel was as luxurious now:


(The competition wouldn't be complete without a 377 entry from me! :winka:)

Finally, they built an aircraft around a great big gun - naturally! Who else would!? God Bless America! :D


Best of luck all!


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Thank you all for your entries.

Another difficult one to judge but what says it better than writing on the aircraft.

So this month's winner is Soya with this fantastic shot "American"


Check your PM's Soya :clapping:

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