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This month we are using another one our members suggestions, thanks Csoul :thum:

The idea is to use any aircraft that fits into the following three categories: Night Fighters, Stealth, and Special Ops. However, the choice of aircraft can be quite broad, as long as its can operate at night, and is part of the shadowy special ops/surveillance/night fighter world. So, for example, you could have the MH-53 Pave Low, the SR-71, Predator UAV, the F-23 Black Widow, the Mosquito and Beaufighter Night Fighter variants, etc.

This competition runs until 23:59 BST 31st August 2011.

Cgood luck and please check out rules here

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OK Here are my entries then guys,

Heinkel 219, one of the most advanced night fighters of WW2


Lockheed EP3E Aries II , this is the electronic warfare version of the famous P3 Orion. It was one of these that was involved with the "Chinese fighter incident" a few year ago!


Have spooks , will travel ! the Westland Lysander as used by the SOE for agent dropping.


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Is trying to find something - but can't find anything! Think Bomber Command.........


OK - scrap that - can't find anything related apart from one airfield!

Loads out there Hurricane, Think outside the box!! good luck.

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I only have one plane that fits the bill for this month competition! it's the C-121 electronic reconnaissance aircraft (it's a military version of the Lockheed Constellation).

Early bird gets the worm.


Just Snooping Around.


Rolling Thunder.



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Peering over the RIO's shoulder of an F-14 Low Visibility TARPS of the VF-102 Diamonbacks squadron. TARPS stands for "Tactical Airbone Reconnaisance Pod System" and it was carried on the right rear fuselage tunnel station. The F-14 TARPS was the only way for the Navy to get tactical information about a target. For a while, there was no other platform, other than unmanned recconnaisance drones, that was able to perform this mission until the Navy developed a replacement using the F/A 18. The F-14 could carry the TARP for survelliance/recon missions and was still able to carry a full complenent of weapons.


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Right fellas, from me this month is 3 great British aircraft - all tinkered with until they fitted the job in hand

Firstly, here's Lancaster AJ-G, ED932/G practising in full bomb load somewhere on Lincolnshire


Next, a Meteor NF14 makes a bumpy touchdown after a long mission overnight - this was a development of the NF11, but with a bubble canopy


Finally, a Nimrod R1 (XW664), now waiting to go across the runway to the East Midlands Airport Aeropark after decomissioning, sneaks off into the night going 'somewhere'


Thanks for looking!

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pic2 fs9 B2 Strategic Stealth Bomber over flying Edward Air Force Base. This a/c made it's Maiden Flight in July 1989.


pic3 fs9 Blackbird heading east on a dawn mission passing over the grand canyon at 82,000ft mach.3


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here's my entries...(subject to change as always)

A Luftwaffe Messerschmitt BF-110/G4 hunts down its prey somewhere over a war-torn Europe of 1943


A Grumman F7F "Tigercat" prowls among in the murk.


and finally, this aircraft seems to be a favourite for this competition, so i thought 'why not' - A Westland Lysander makes its way home as dawn breaks...


no edits made. all effects courtesy FS9, ActiveSky, REX2004 'Overdrive' and weather theme generator.

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Nice pics Shrew as usual ,Just a bit of info for you, the F-86 was very strictly a day fighter and could not operate at night as it had no radar, Only when the Radar equipped F-86 D Sabre Dog entered service did it become an all weather and night interceptor.

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Here goes my entries for this month's Spooky theme:

The infamous SR-71


Taking off into the night for a F-18 Hornet from its mother carrier.


Still considering what to use for 3rd shot.

Best of luck everyone.

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