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Hey guys,

This is a question aimed primarily at people who are studying for a JAR PPL and are taking the Air LAW Ground exam or who have already passed it.

The main problem I'm having is that the content seems fairly long and difficult and I'm not actually particularly sure where to start. The book I have lays out the course under a series of different headings, such as "Rules of the Air", "ATC Services and Division of Airspace" etc. I then also have a book called the PPL Simplifier, which contains a series of Key Revision notes for each exam and then also a series of mock exam papers. I was going to work through the headings in the book, plus looking at the key revision notes, and then try and work through the practice questions.

There are also ground school lectures, but these are fairly expensive, and I don't have an endless budget to complete the PPL.

I wanted to know what approach others took to their study for this exam, and how did you start? I'm only 17, so self-study (without being lectured) is something I'm learning to do at the moment, and is obviously something that you need to be able to do if you want to have a chance getting through University.



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Hi George,

Hopefully I can help - I did the Air Law 2 weeks ago and got 95%. I am taking the Meteorology exam this Friday too, with my first solo in December.

My revision approach is as follows:

REVISE (textbooks, general knowledge, etc) -> Questions in the back of the textbook (most have them) -> Q&A Book (in your case the Simplifier, which I have, and it's great) -> AirQuiz.com -> Exam!

The "Revise" section mainly consists of me sitting down and thoroughly reading each chapter bit-by-bit. Often, it is better to do the questions in the back of the textbook after you have just finished revising that specific chapter.

"AirQuiz.com" is a fantastic website. It has a question bank of over 5,000 questions on the different PPL subjects (Air Law, Met, RT, etc), from which it generates an exam consisting of 40 (in your case) random questions from this bank. Each subject costs £3 (there are 8 subjects; the standard 7 exams + the IMC exam). If you wish, you can purchase them all at once for only £20 (which saves about £4).

At first, I was really reluctant to pay the £20... But now I don't regret it at all. AirQuiz.com IS the reason I passed my Air Law exam (although don't rely on it; do your revision first). You literally pay the £20, and are given acess to their ENTIRE database of questions for each subject. After taking your exam, they mark it automatically online and send you your results in seconds, complete with a fully analysis report.

The website is: http://www.airquiz.com/

And, if you want to take a sample examination, to test the AirQuiz facilities, look here: http://www.airquiz.com/sample.htm

Interestingly, the sample exam is on Air Law, so it should give you a little test even before you pay the £20!

Anyway, I hope this has helped. If you need any questions on the content, just ask me, as some of the questions in the exam are different to what you'd expect, IE:

"What is the name given to the area of an Aerodrome whereby aircraft can be parked"

- Apron

- Parking Bay

- Manouvering Area

- Taxiway

99% of people put Apron... Which is correct, but the "CAA answer" was Parking Bay, which I put in the exam, and got right (god knows how, all logic told me to put Apron).


Jack :001_th_smiles89:

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Dear Jack,

Thank you so much.. I really could not have hoped for a better reply. :icon_goodpost:

I have looked at airquiz.com and at the sample exam paper given - looks very good and a database of questions like that is really what I'm looking for. Do you know if they come directly from the same Exam board that creates the actual PPL exams, i.e. could you get those same questions in the actual exam?

Roughly how long would you say you spent studying/practicing for the Airlaw exam (in hours)? I'd really like to finish that one before the summer holiday ends and according to my instructor, it is the most difficult exam.

Congratulations on passing your airlaw (and at 20% over the pass mark too!) - good luck with the meteorology too (that's definitely one I'm looking forward to studying).

Best Regards,


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Hmmm... It's interesting that your instructor said it's the hardest exam. I always thought Meteorology or Navigation was the hardest. Although, to be fair, I have heard others say Air Law is the hardest... I just suppose it's playing on strengths and weaknesses! ;)

The questions on AirQuiz.com are very similar to the exam, yes. However, one thing I discourage against is "learning" the AirQuiz.com answers. In other words, memorizing the specific answer to a specific question; it's rather unlikely that EXACT question will appear in the exam, eg:

AirQuiz Question

- What is the colour of the starboard navigation light?

- Green

- Red

- White

- Flashing White

Here, the answer is "Green". Now, as I said, the exam may ask a similar question, but probably not the EXACT one, eg:

Exam Question:

- What is the colour of an aircraft's port navigation light?

- White

- Blue

- Red

- Green

Now, if you've revised properly, you'd know the answer was red just from your brain's knowledge. However, if you did what I mentioned above, and just memorised the "AirQuiz answers", you'd probably get the question wrong, as you only know the answer cannot be Green.

In other words; the exam/AirQuiz questions will be similar, but probably not absolutely identical. This is to be expected because, obviously, AirQuiz don't have unlimited access to the REAL questions, else everyone would just cheat!

However, as far as self-testing goes, AirQuiz is absolutely the best website out there. Of course, do the questions in your textbook too - But only AFTER you have learnt the knowledge, no just the answer to specific questions.

In regards to your other question. I'd say I probably spent AROUND 25 hours in total revising for the Air Law exam; maybe that's too much, I don't know, but all I know it was enough for a comfortable pass ;).

Also, try and get hold of the Air Law questions from the PPL Confuser book. There are about 120 questions for Air Law in that book, which are VERY, very similar to the exam. Trouble is, copies sell for around £100 now, as it's out of print.


Jack :icon_thumbup:

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It looks like they've made it pretty clear on the airquiz website not to simply focus on practice questions, but to spend roughly 10-15% of the time practicing and the rest studying.

I managed to start studying today and got through the "Legislation" chapter, plus the whole of the "Rules of the Air" chapter. I'm currently doing the revision questions at the end of each chapter immediately after I've thoroughly read through.

I think I'm gonna read through all the chapters first, completing the revision questions in the book and then move onto the PPL Simplifier and to airquiz.com once I'm done.

Thanks very much for your help, Jack :001_th_smiles89:

I'll be in touch if there's anything else I need your help with.


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No problem George, glad to be of assistance.

Be careful when revising airspace - Many textbooks state that Class C airspace is not allocated in the UK; which was correct until 2007. The CAA exam does occasionally ask questions on Class C airspace, so make sure you do some revision "outside your textbook" on Class C airspace, especially if it wrongfully claims that it doesn't exist in the UK.

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