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Oct Theme = de Havilland aircraft

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For October I am looking for your best shot from the de havilland stable.

For clarity, any dh aircraft listed on the following page http://en.wikipedia....land_aircraft��so unfortunately rules out de Havilland Canada aircraft (We will run that contest another day!)

So hopefully you have something that fits the bill? Good luck, please make yourself aware of the rules here

Closing date is Monday 31st October 23:59 GMT

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Turns out I had only 3 De Havilland aircraft on my harddisk, so picking the planes was easy!

The ultimate IFR (I follow roads) machine, the Tiger Moth:


The very versatile Beaver was not allowed, nor was

the possibly even more versatile Twin Otter:

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Doncha just love the Beaver? Well, have a look here for an amusing set of screen shots, which are, unfortunately the wrong sort of de Havilland for the comp (Shame! -Ed). :whis:

Don't worry, my other entries are sure to win now! :clapping:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

Edited 04Oct11 by ddavid

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Without wanting to throw a spanner in the works :yikes: .

I did not see the Chipmunk on the list, but it looks like more of these were built in the UK than were made in Canada!

The Chipmunk prototype first flew on 22 May 1946 in Toronto and had a total production run of 158 Chipmunks for RCAF use while de Havilland (UK) produced 740 airplanes for training at various RAF and University Air Squadrons during the late 1940s and into the 1950s. The DHC-1 Chipmunk was still being used as a training aircraft by the UK Army Air Corps up until 1995. http://www.flightglo...ory-part-2.aspx


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I did not see the Chipmunk on the list

I expect that's because it is de Havilland Canada,it doesn't matter where it's built... We have set the precident, if it's not on the list.....


EDIT: I have amended the first post as well.

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Due to a lousy PC I wasn't going to enter the competition anymore but I was flying Panzerfodder's Victoria Island trip and just liked the view, so I snapped a shot. I said to myself, should I enter it anyway, answer, why not?


De Havilland DH82a Tiger Moth(One of my all time favorite aircraft) climbing out of Tofino(CYAZ).

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Slim pickings in my hangar for planes that qualify, so I'll go with three shots of the same model. (But atleast one of them is a military variant)

It's the DH 106 Comet in

B.O.A.C colors


and in Dan-Air colors


And finally the RAF transport Command version


Good luck everyone.

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What was that about clipped wings, Joe?!? Anyway, I'm glad they finally got the hyphen right in the DA texture... :th_smiles73:

Nice shots, Micke! :thum:

Oh, yes - here's my second entry - the Team Mutley DH Dove during GARSA Leg 3:


Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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