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Is anyone playing this?

I got it yesterday for the xbox and scoring is really hard. I'm using the same difficulty settings as FIFA 11 but it's almost impossible to get a shot from inside the box. I played as Man-City -v- Accrington and lost!

Back to the training paddock I think

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I have FIFA 11, but haven't bought FIFA 12. I was never very good at these games, but have managed to win a few games against friends.

I tried looking at some videos on youtube for tips, but I think it's partly just down to my complete incompetence with high speed controller work.

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FIFA 12 is a lot better as you can play through balls that get in behind the defence. FIFA 11 it was almost impossible, plus the counter attack tactic works brilliantly now.

I've knocked the difficulty setting down a notch until I get a bit better at it, then will take it up again. 1-on-1's with the keeper are still a bit hit & miss though

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