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Hottest day October has ever seen

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With warnings of widespread snow as early as October dominating the Tabloid headlines a few days back, we're currently still trapped in the Autumn heatwave that has been streaming in from North Africa. Gravesend in Kent knocked the old UK October record off the top of the board, as their station maxed out at 29.9C today. The previous record was in 1985, in March (Cambridgeshire) at 29.4C. Wales also trashed their old record, with Hawarden reaching a high of 28.2C, nearly 2 degrees higher than the old Welsh October record!

Here is the full article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-15137832

Enjoy the rest of the sunshine while it lasts - rain is already pouring into Scotland, Northen Ireland and Northern England as we speak!



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A/C would be luxury, lol

It was very hot here again yesterday too, at 9am the thermostat in the front room was reading 23 degrees. It was mega hot in the afternoon. Hopefully it stays fine this afternoon for my BBQ. I saw the rain in scotland last night and got a bit worried!

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No a/c either have a ceiling fan right above my FS desk and it is soo good. :pilotic:

I could always go and sit in my car and stick the a/c on max for 10 minutes but we shouldn't go unnecessarily polluting the atmosphere should we?

There a couple of bottles of London Pride in the fridge with my name on them, the sun is nearly over the yard arm so come to daddy!!

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And you probably don't even have A/C.

240 volts @50Hz down the wire...

Oh, you mean aircon... Nah, we're British - we don't need no aircon*! (i.e., we can't afford it, or won't pay that much just for the one week a year it would be really useful! LOL)

Besides, since the window tax was repealed, we all have these nice holes in our houses that let fresh air in! :pilotic:

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We have a wasp-chart up in the house. The electric tennis racket was used a lot this summer.

I have one of those bug zappers but I was disappointed. I just sellotaped a couple of 25 microfarad motor run capacitors to it. Much bigger bang! Wasps are vaporised by it :)

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