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Nov Theme = Rough Weather

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It's that time of year again in the Northern Hemisphere when the winds blow, rains fall and snow is on the way. (Sounds like the summer we just had!)

Any how! this month I would like to see shots of rough weather that really you shouldn't be out in!

Good luck with your entries, please familiarise yourself with the rules posted here and a reminder that this competition ends 23:59 Wed 30th November 2011

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Holy "Tornado's" , a weather Contest !! I'm headin out right now to find me the Biggest - Baddest - meanest - knarley - Tornado in the entire World, and take screen shots of it up close in my Glider du-flunky,,, thinga' ma' jigger ' !! I can't wait - Holy Lightining Strikes - and Holy Hail Stones - I'm gonna enter if I Survive it :):):)

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Had to put this one in, because it's from one of our online flights, it came straight out of the sim looking like this (even has Sabre's name above his plane, and he's got his cowl flaps open for once ;) )

Another Wet Morning At Newcastle in the Thunder-Bolts



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Here's my first couple of entries....

Dreary conditions descend on an BN Islander MK2


A Ford Tri-Motor fights against a thunderous sleet shower


N.B. images superficially cropped to remove the FS message bar(s) and to have my signature added

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Good luck to everyone. My first entry is a 737 taking off from Logan Airport in a snow storm.


Next up is a Cessna landing in IFR conditions at Detroit Metro.


And last, but not least, is a Bush Hawk XP flying in sub-zero temps with an iced up windshield. Where's that De-Icing switch?


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...coor, pretty dark shot that one Keiron, can just about make out the Victor on my monitor, hopefully that was the effect you was after?

on another note, here's my 3rd entry - the Carenado Cessna 'Stationair 6 II' passing over Gloucester and the M5, the airport is just visible behind the nose. (NOTE: categorically no edits to this shot, however it HAS been cropped - all weather, terrain and textures courtesy of FSGlobal, UTX, REX2004 & AS6.5.)


having seen the outstanding quality of the entries thus far I may well replace my previous entries within the coming days....decisions, decisions!

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@Simon - yep that was the effect I wanted - the lightning in the background and the flash along the rear - thanks for the comment though - it's fine on my moniter

Must be my monitor, just looked on my phone and laptop, both show the plane in MUCH better detail.. Note to self - recalibrate your monitor

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Well, having the best fall weather I can remember up here in the northern parts of europe I had to go elsewhere for some bad weather, and ended up in the cessna 208 over the Pacific Fjords area.

Departing PAKT, with atleast a low cloud layer (Broken @ 2000) and some rain.


And some of those clouds were actually rather dark too..


They claim there's a few high mountains around here, but if I can't see them they can't hurt me... right???


All shots unedited with the exception of a slight crop to get rid of the menu bar...

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