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DCA World Rally Leg 4: G. L. Valencia to San Luis - Colombia

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The challenge in this series of 10 flight legs is to understand the convoluted workings of the organiser! Like GARSA, you get a narrative for each Leg of the Rally and have to work out how to navigate correctly from start to finish. Now, I thought this Leg would be straightforward - after all, we'd just returned from Andrew's GARSA in Colombia and this Leg finished at San Luis (SKIP) just as th 4th GARSA Leg did. But I was wrong...

Here we are taking off from Guillermo Leon Valencia (SKPP) - at just under 10000 feet, the old Dizzie kept stalling until I reduced the mixture to a bare minimum. But bags of revs got us up:


Soon we were off the plateau and desecending to a more reasonable altitude:


Just follow the main valley, past the off-set VOR and turn left:


Hoping it was the right valley, we started climbing to 11000 feet:


Thankfully, we soon recognised the terrain from GARSA:


There was SKIP in the disatance:


Like before, on GARSA, a direct, straight in, landing wasn't an option, so here we are on Short Final after a fairly tight turn:


And we're there:


Time for flight - 60.41 minutes and 91 gallons of fuel used.

Nearly half-way through a very varied set of Rally Legs...

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Hi Jim - this is Leg 4 of 10 World Rally Legs organised by DC Airways. The Rally looks like this:

Flight Number and Route         		Distance	Start/End 	Pilot 
1.	Lillooet CAR3 to Hope CYHE		 83 nm	        29/31 Oct	Dai
2.	GC Dam 3W7 to Grand Forks C7GF		108 nm	        01/03 Nov	Kieran
3.	Montpelier LFMT to St Crepin LFNC	160 nm	        04/06 Nov	Dai	
4.	GL Valencia SKPP to San Luis DKIP	123 nm	        07/09 Nov 	Kieran
5.	Debre Marcos HADM to Damazin HSDZ	304 nm	        10/12 Nov	Dai (prov)
6.	Nice LFNM to Zurich LSZH		309 nm	        13/15 Nov 
7.	Iloilo RPVI to Nonon RP13		192 nm	        16/18 Nov 
8.	Cambeltown EGEC to London City EGLC	352 nm	        19/21 Nov 
9.	Betles PABT to Oliktok Point POLI	233 nm	        22/24 Nov 
10.	La Rioja SANL to La Serena SCSE		329 nm	        25/27 Nov 

If you'd like to fly a Leg - with the default or any other DC-3/C-47. then let us know - you're very we;come as are any other members of the Hangar.

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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