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From Ireland to the UK - Part Two

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Good evening all!

Here is Leg 2 of my Ireland to UK Adventure. We left the A380 at Boston, and as I walked along the airport concourse at Boston, a young RAF officer came up to me. (Just for reference, I'm this colour, the officer this colour and ATC this colour)

Good morning sir. Can we interest you in flying our latest aircraft?

Pardon? You don't know my flying abilites!

Oh yes I do. You've flown with us before, remember? (Pulls out a book). Ah yes Chuck, you flew the Around the World Challenge. Hawk and VC-10? Flying a Harrier from Lukla in the Himaylas. TSR-2 work with the Luftwaffe

Wow, you really do know me!

Come, we have a lot to talk about

Can we stop at a resturant? I only had a few snacks on my flight in

And what was that Chuck?

See that A380 over there, the Korean one? I flew as Captain......

Ah, the one over there, that's badly parked and with a sign 'Chuck, was this you?'

Ermm, yes!

Half an hour later, and with a baguette of ham, lettuce and cheese, we carried on talking..

So, what's your squadron Fin (Fin is his nickname - he comes from Finland - his real name is Frans Berg)

I don't have a squadron Chuck, squadron's aren't everything

So how are you a high-ranking flying officer?

I'm in the A&AEE at Boscombe Down

Wow, what's that like?

Half the time it's quite boring, but the aircraft I brought over is very exciting

Where is it?

I'll show you.....

We walked and talked about various flying pieces we had done. This aircraft was a very new one, a development of the Tyhoon currently in service. It was a 'hot aircraft' - very fast and agile. He'd flown over from the UK a few days ago, but wanted another pilot's opinion on long-haul flights. This tied in perfectly with my own adventure

Well, here it is!

Wow, look at the rasberry ripple colours on it!


Settle yourself down in the pit, I'll close up various pieces


Has the radar had some maintence?

Yes, to comply with US regs. It's shut now


OK, I guess you're familiar with this type of EFIS display - you've flown a Tyhoon, after all. Not much difference, is there?

Nope, but how will you get to Grand Forks?

We have one of the new A330's following you, and with spares on board.

Good. So, I'll see you there then!

Don't prang it!

We parted laughing, but once the canopy closed I got serious. Engine checks were swiftly completed, and with that, I closed the canopy and switched the engines on


'Boston Ground, this is Celtic 12, IFR to Grand Forks. I'm ready to taxi to the active'

'Celtic 12, Boston Ground, you are cleared to taxi to runway 4 Left, please follow the car'

'Boston Ground, Celtic 12 is cleared to 4L via the follow me car. Thank you'

Here's a shot of all the IFR panel


Taxiing to the runway


'Boston Tower, Celtic 12 is ready to go, runway 4L'

'Celtic 12, hold position, there's traffic on the runway'

'Holding position, Celtic 12'


'Celtic 12 you are cleared to enter the runway and line up and wait'

'Rodger, line up and wait, Celtic 12'


Cor, this American 757 got a bit close!


'Celtic 12, you are cleared for take-off, runway 4L. Winds are 016 at 16, have a safe flight'

'Cleared for take off, runway 4L, winds 016 at 16, Celtic 12'

Powering up


V1 rapidly passed, and with that she lept into the air


'Celtic 12, watch your climb rate. Boston Control won't like you!'



'OK, levelling off and changing to Boston Control, thanks for your help. Celtic 12 out'


'Celtic 12, you are cleared to flight level 350, please try and keep with the airliner traffic'

'Rodger, climbing to FL350, going up at 2000ft a minute, Celtic 12'

I said this with a grin under my oxygen mask, as we climbed slowly up




Cruising nicely


Let's have sme heat and supersonic flight!

'Control, Celtic 12 wishes to go supersonic'

'Celtic 12, Control, you have clearance to go supersonic'

'Rodger, Celtic 12'


There we go, 404 kts and Mach 1!


Pushing on to about 1.1


Unfortunatly, supersonic flight burned up quite a bit of fuel, so we return sub-sonic


Pushing into Canadian airspace


Now we enter the ILS for Grand Forks


'Grand Forks Tower, Celtic 12 has caputerd ILS signals'

'Rodger, you are cleared to land Celtic 12 on runway 34'

'Cleared to land runway 34'


Flaps down


Gear down


View from the HUD




Airbrake out


Final moving shot


As I open the canopy, a familiar face appeared on the ramp

Hello Finn! How did you get here faster than me?

Secret, Chuck, secret!

Ah, let me get out of here and we'll dicuss the flight...


After an hour of note taking, Finn closed his book and took out my book.

Let's have a photo of the two of us and the aircraft

Let's do that, along with all the other stuff...

And with that, this chapter comes to a close. I hope you enjoyed this post!


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