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DCA World Rally Leg 5: Debre Marcos HADM to Damazin HSDZ

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Thie 5th Leg of the DCA World Rally follows the course of the Blue Nile from Debre Marcos, near it's source in the highlands of Ethiopia, through the gorges of the Upper and Lower Catarracts, to Damazin, by the man-made Rosieres reservoir.

OAT required anti-icing and altitude necessitated a lean mixture when we took off:


First we had to find the Blue Nile - just a stream here:


Some 30 minutes later, we were over the Upper Catarracts:


Time passes - here a re the Lower Catarracts:


Then the Blue Nile broadens into the Rosieres reservoir:


And there's Damazin ahead:


Downwind ...


Base Turn...


Short Final ...


End of roll:


Longest Leg thus far - Flight Time = 134 minutes and Fuel used 191 gallons. Time for a cuppa...

Thanks for watching - more Alps next! :thum:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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