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DCA World Rally Leg 8: Cambeltown, (EGEC) to London City, (EGLC)

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Home ground at last for this years DCA World Rally - Cambeltown, Scotland (EGEC) to London City, England (EGLC).

An early start - well, bl**dy 5.30 a.m., actually! The sun ain't up yet:


From Scotland, we fly towards Carlisle - here's the first turn to TRN VOR:


No sun, yet, but a nice "moon shot":


Turning south at the TRN VOR:


No one's up in Windermere - no SUnderlands around, either!


Over the Pennines and turning at Poll Hill - POL VOR:


Here are some early risers racing along the M62:


Dawn coming up over Chesterfield - too far to see the twisted spire, though:


Turning again at Carsington Water:


That's Brummagem:


Turning south east at the HON VOR, Coventry (EGBE) beyond:


Turning east at the CPT VOR:


Must be Heathrow, although I still call it London Airport:


First visual for London City:


And this is where it got really interesting - the ILS transmission from EGLC is imperfect, to put it mildly. Tested the Nav guage and it was O.K., but the ILS signal was reversed... So, it was a VFR approach - ouch! Short Final:


The cross wind didn't help, either:


But we did manage to only just miss the Numbers - amongst other things:


Definitely not a flight for the faint-hearted - or those who find it difficult to get up early, either! But with all those years of milking at 6.00 a.m., that was the easy bit. And the EGLC approach was - mmm - different...

Hope you enjoyed the flight. Alaska, next - brrrrr - long-john's on!

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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