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FSC Weston 2012 updates

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Latest update from their website http://www.fscweston.co.uk/


Military Vehicle Display & Flight Simulator Convention

Test your flying skills on over 40 different flight simulators inside the museum and watch the large screen virtual displays.

View the Jeeps, Trucks and Armored Assault Vehicles from the Falklands Conflict and visit the living history encampment ( complete with wartime re-enactment society ).

Meet the real life heroes of the 1982 conflict in our 'Veterans Lounge' (Book and Artwork signings will be taking place)


Helicopter Flights will be taking place on Sunday

View the Falklands Art Exhibition by West Country Artist, Rachael Lomas ( art exhibition title to be announced )

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Although I have been a flight sim enthusiast for decades (yes, I'm talking about ZX Spectrum, Amstrad etc!), I'm ashamed to say I have only very recently discovered this site :(

I've been flying online for several years now, and at the beginning was lucky enough to encounter Simon Tolley, who is the driving force behind the FSC events. I helped to organise the first two (in 2009 and 2010) but wasn't able to attend last year's as it coincided with my 30th wedding anniversary and therefore a holiday of a lifetime in the USA. (Ask me about the PIMA aviation museum in Arizona..... :thum: )

I only live down the road in Taunton and will definitely be there all day on the Saturday and probably Sunday too.

Looking forward to meeting as many people as possible via Simon.

Mark Halliwell

aka Visual_Purple or FTL757 or G-MARK

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Hi Mark

Welcome to our forums, I hope you find them informative and fun!

This will be our fourth FSC, I had a small stand the first year but have a double pitch booked with Simon this year so hopefully we should be easy to spot, please do pop by and say hello :thum:

Joe :hat:

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The countdown begins;

It's next weekend and looking forward to meeting in real life some of the names I have exchanged with on MH. Weston SM, I remember as a kid when my Dad wore a knotted handkerchief on his head to stop the sunburn, the day's when we had a sun.. Now I sport the same head of hair as my old Dad and I now need the Knotted kerchief :(

I did read somewhere that Saitek are going to make a worldwide announcement of 3 new additions to their range at the FSC. So lookin forward to that. My wish would be a modern throttle on the lines of the (wait for it) PC12. A better version GC =(Glass Cockpit) GPS Oh! and a big price reduction(one can wish) :rockon:

PC12 fanatic :hat:

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