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DCA World Rally Leg 9: Bettles, (PABT) to Oliktok Point, Alaska (POLI)

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The penultimate Leg of the DCA Rally starts above the Arctic Circle at Bettles (PABT) and takes us to the northern coast of Alaska at Oliktok Point (POLI). Here's the Flight Plan, thanks to Tim's Plan-G:


The Dizzie is firing on all 28 cylinders (hope that's right!), all the heaters are blasting away, so let's go:


Turning north after the climb out from Bettles:


That's Wild Lake below:


Turning at Anaktuvuk Pass (PAKP):


After an hour of nursing the engines, trying to prevent them from completely icing up (OAT less than 20 degrees negative), here we are making the turn at Ugnu-Kuparuk (UBW):


That's Oliktok Point ahead:


Turning over the sea:


Thank heavens the airfield's lights work - Long Final:


And ditto the Dizzie's landing lights - Short Final:


And we're down:


Looks straightforward, don't it, but the magnetic variation up here is all over the place, which gives a whole new meaning to the term "dead reckoning" - know what I mean? Anyway, we made it - Flight Time 113 minutes and Fuel 180 gallons.

Next Leg is the last one for this Rally - Argentina to Chile, over the Andes. Could be cold up there, at 18000', so I'll keep the long-johns handy... Whis:

Thanks for watching. :thum:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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