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DCA World Rally Leg 10: La Rioja, Argentina (SANL) to La Serena, Chile (SCSE)

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This is the last of the 10 Legs of the DCA World Rally, 2011, and takes us over the Andes, from La Rioja, Argentina (SANL) to La Serena, Chile (SCSE). The Flight Plan is IFR - flying between the LAR (LARIOJA) VOR at La Rioja and the TOY (TONGOY) VOR, south of Las Tacas (SCQT), before heading north east towards La Serena (SCSE). Here's the Flight Plan:


Gear going up after take off from runway 03:


Turning at 'Ghost Lake' - Lago Fantasmas:


Picking up the LAS VOR as we return over La Rioja:


Leaving the 236 degree radial from LAS and turning to TOY VOR:


Highest point on the roof of the southern world - the Andes:


That's the Pacific, ahead, at the TOY turn:


Passing Las Tacas:


Entering the circuit at SCSE - Base Turn:


On Long Final:


And Short Final:


And we're down...


Well, I hope you enjoyed all the Legs - I certainly did. Quite a variation in challenge - both navigational (Thanks, Tim!) and handling, but the Old Girl was up to it! :thum:

Next Rally is probably not until the New Year, when Andrew's GAAR 2012 beckons - wonder where he'll take us? :whis;

So, a big Thank You to Norman Hancock and Bob Betts for organising the Rally - from me and Team-Mutley. :clapping:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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