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0xc0000005 is a memory access violation. Could be a corrupt registry key... have you tried a registry cleaner?

Thanks Tim

I haven't tried registry cleaner - could you recommend one that's simple to use? I notice FTX have a Registry Fix Tool. Do you know if that would help?

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Try CCleaner http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner Graeme, it's very good.

Thanks Joe - I'll save that for later.


As for the problem - well I don't know whether to laugh or cry to be honest but I now have FSX back in a fully operational state :yahoo: :yahoo:

Quite how this works and whether it's fixed for good only time will tell.

I found a fsx.exe.Backup in the fsx root directory so figured it was worth a try to try and use it. It was a wild stab in the dark but at the rate I was going I had little to lose. Anyway I removed the existing exe which the 4GB patch had created and put it in a safe place. I then renamed the fsx.exe.Backup to fsx.exe and hey presto it worked instantly. Thinking this was just too good to be true I quickly tried out Air Hauler and yes it worked.

Not satisfied with this wonderful state of affairs i decided to swap back the 4GB patch created fsx.exe and recreate the fsx.exe.Backup - in other words return to the state where fsx wouldn't work. Well low and behold fsx returns to full functionality.

Quite what goes on here in technical terms I have absolutely no idea - all I know is I'm back airbourne and I've only lost one job in Air Hauler the other is still within its timeframe.

I still get the error trying to run the TrafficX Control Manager so I'm going to try and reinstall that.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, hints, tips and general support. I can't thank you enough :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

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Try CCleaner http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner Graeme, it's very good.

Thanks Joe - is there anything to watch out for with this utility or does it just do its own thing?

Ha, that backup is the one the 4gb patch creates. Glad its working. but it was undoubtedly registry. You should still use Ccleaner, be prepared to do a restore like I said' Ccleaner lets you create a restore point before you do any cleanup as well so you have belt and braces . .

Thansk Mike - I've created a restore point so hopefully all is good there now.

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It's pretty safe to use, always use the backup registry feature before running the registry cleaner as any problems would have a profound affect on your pc.

Also, if you are cleaning everything, browser history etc., make sure you either take a note of any saved passwords or tell it not to clean them otherwise it can be a pain getting them all back.

That's about it, I've used it for many years and still do. it's good to run this then a defrag to get the best performance.



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