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VFR Photographic Scenery Generation X, Scotland South

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Hi Mike, I have installed Vol8 and have been flying various parts of it. Most of what I've experienced is very very good. Now here comes the crunch. Playsims/Horizon are saying that you need quite a high end machine to get the best out of Vol 8, so I will have to fly for quite a while yet using various settings to get an overall average. Bear with me and I will post some shots soon, but it will be a while yet before my review will be submitted.

Cheers and I hope you get the best from it.

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Take your time with this review Brian .. and I just know you will do a great job, when I installed mine I'd forgot I'd kept a lean mean FSX machine going and had not installed my England/Wales v3 Horizon/Playsim scenery, so un-installed S Scotland and started a fresh install of England/Wales/ Treescapes. S Ireland volumes and finally Scotland south with islands again, took me hours ,but I'm there now .

You will get a pop up message at the end of the Scotland south install asking if you have the adjoining England scenery installed ... I had not at the time and it was a very big ... Doh ... moment for me at the time, the installer should have mentioned as a beware and reminder about this from the start IMHO ... but I'm there now :) ... I was not asked this second install with all England/Wales volumes installed.

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