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Just Flight announce English Electric Lightning F.6

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The only all-British Mach 2 fighter is now available to fly in FSX!

The English Electric Lightning was at the heart of the UK's front line air defences for more than twenty-five years and, as its name suggests, this was an aircraft built for speed – pilots loved its astounding performance, easy handling and phenomenal rate of climb.

The Mk.6 Lightning was the pinnacle of the breed, boasting higher speeds and capable of carrying more fuel than earlier variants. This new F.6 collection captures perfectly the awesome presence of this astonishing aircraft, and now fearless FSX pilots can experience Mach 2 for themselves in the amazing Lightning!


English Electric Lightning F.6

Download & Boxed

£20.40 / €25.50 / $30.65


See the Just Flight website for full details, screenshots and and video


Includes seven RAF liveries and a Royal Saudi Air Force F.53 export variant

Awesome stereo sound set delivers the full force of the two Rolls-Royce Avon engines with their unique start-up sequence

Detailed 3D virtual cockpit features the distinctive ribbon airspeed/Mach indicator, radar scope, functional annunciator banks for all major engine systems and an accurate fuel tank gauge array which includes the unique Lightning flap tanks



Aircraft feature numerous accurately animated moving parts, deployable braking chute, over-wing fuel tanks and animated reheats and operating thrust vanes in the tail pipes

Authentic tracking, radar and radio equipment – the radar scope is complete with adjustable screen presentation displaying terrain, airport and traffic information



Full complement of ground equipment includes switchable ground power unit, chocks, pre-flight flags, probe sheath, cockpit ladder and even a tie-down cockpit cover

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I worked in air traffic at RAF Tengah, Singapore, 69-71, where 74 Sqn were based. A normal Lightning sortie was planned for 1h 10m - just time to do a couple of practice intercepts, return for a run and break, one overshoot into the circuit and land. Don't try and do a roller (touch and go) or you'll burst the tyres!

Lightings had a tailhook, and the runway was equipped with a hookwire and a mesh barrier at the upwind end (RHAG - Rotary Hydraulic Arrester Gear) that could be raised to catch errant aeroplanes. Normal landing clearance from the tower would be '...cleared to land, hookwire up. barrier down'. I never saw the barrier used, and the hookwire only once, when the aeroplane had a reheat failure during the take-off run and had no chance of either getting airborne or stopping. Tengah was a very exciting posting!

I may have to buy this and recreate some of my memories.


I've re-posted this over at Just Flight, with acknowledgements to here, if you don't mind Joe..

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I'd love to know if the stories I heard as a young air cadet are true. Some say that the RAF never knew the top speed of the lightning because no one was brave enough to find out. Iirc it could do Mach 2 quiet easily, but rumor has it she could do more.

It's probably not true, but it's a nice thought.

Best wishes,

Jess B

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