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"I don't care if it IS you Harry, Get up for your Grandmother!"

"Right we'll just get this one bedded in and then I want to put a row of English Electric Lightnings in the bed over there against the wall. They will look lovely when they bloom in the spring"

"Now son, you have to be a very good boy today, or I wont let the witch-doctor turn you back" 

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Wife screams "This is the last straw" to hubby after seeing his first Full Scale model kit in the garage. He doesn't think this is a good time to tell her about the M1 that is in the mail so decides to stand there and smile, hoping to defuse the situation.

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Please honey, can I take it home? It won't take up much room and it'd make a great comversation piece!

Marie and I both had a chuckle at these, but in the end we both decided that this one was the best.  :D

Over to you Richard.

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First, congrats to Rich for the win. :thum:  Second, I wanted to commend Alan for being so brave(and handsome ;) ). :thum:  :thum: :thum:  :thum:  :thum:  :thum:  :thum:  

Here Here  me to Brett , :thumbup: and well done to Richard :hat:

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