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Hi guys

This might be far fetched but does anyone know of a good camera add on for FSX? I'm asking because I basically want a camera add on that 'shakes' the pilots head when I touch down but I haven't the foggiest on where to start so can anyone give me a hand?



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I only know of several camera addons that do the 'shake' effect, and that is EZdok Camera (EZCA) by EZdok Software and Accu-Feel by A2A, which has a lot more than the camera shake. EZCA is also used for smooth panning in videos, and Accu-Feel adds many sounds in many situations such as takeoff or stalls. Both I do not have, but I hope this helps!

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EZdok is a great camera addon, it comes with preset cameras for all default aircraft, but you need to set up the cameras for your add-on aircrafts, both internal and external.

Among the great features is that you can chose if you want the shake effect on or off for each camera, very handy to be able to turn it off when making enroute changes in a FMC for example.

The only thing I havn't been able to use properly is the world cameras, (their version of the fly-by camera sort of). The camera type is in no way linked to your aircraft, but rather to a specific geographical position. It's no problem to set them up, but if you forget to remove them after a session it's very easy to accidently switch to a camera located in a completely different part of the world. If the camera is to far away from your current position it will unload any scenery loaded at your current location, and when you return and the scenery loads again it can cause a lot of problems, at least when your standing on the ground.

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