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Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Yoke and Throttle

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Thanks for your feedback Mike.

Brian is on holiday this week but I am sure he will be interested in your comments, I think Brian was replacing an older plain Saitek yoke in his panel with this one.

I can't comment more then that that as I have a CH Yoke, pedals and quadrant!



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@Joe, Thanks for filling in while I was away.


I must say before I answer your reply, that I would be very much amazed if everybody agreed with everything the reviewers say about the soft/hardware we review. It would be a very bland world if we all agreed on everything.

Having said that, I can quite honestly state that I didn't experience the problems that you talk about. You haven't said whether you actually have the Cessna yoke but talk about the problems others have reported.

Whilst doing this review, I used the FSX default cessna 172 and as I said, I didn't have any of the worries you stated. Mmmmm! Am I doing something wrong/different??

As for the differences between the original Saitek yoke and the Cessna yoke, I did in fact put in my review that there are similarities but, for me, the different angle or rake of the handles made my flying experince more enjoyable, as my wrists were at a more relaxed angle when holding the yoke. I also went into some detail about where the buttons were placed and the problems that some may have with them but I did mention that, with a little practice, the small problems were easily overcome. At least they were by me. Now, I realise that we are all different but the fact that I personally found the Cessna yoke more pleasing to use, does not detract in any way from the fact that others, may not find it so. I wrote my review on the basis, of how I found and used the Cessna yoke whilst flying and therefore gave it the score I did. I don't go back on my decision of a 10/10, as I was extremely happy with it. But as I said earlier, we are all different with our own differing opinions and I apologise if you thought I was a little over zealous with my score for the yoke but I do stand by it.

Thanks for you reply Mike and I hope this explains my reasoning behind the score.

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Thanks for the reply Brian. I daresay that with pieces of hardware everyone will have a different opinion due to small problems which they may encounter that other people may not have done. But if the overall package is of a good enough standard that will shine through above the problems, which seems to be the case here

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Great review Brian.

One question, you write that the Cessna yoke have an upside to the earlier version with 90 degree rotation. How much does the original yoke rotate?

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Dunno what all the fuss is about - I'm a 'stick' man, myself. Had a CH yoke and quadrant - applied the mandatory vasceline - but couldn't get on with it - even in the Dizzie. Now I fly everything with the cyclic - oops, sorry - (joy-) stick.

On the Review Score theme, I personally think that if the subject rings your bell, then score accordingly. Not everyone's going to agree, whether you score high or low (Ha!), but 'tis the nature of the beast, nes pas?

Just my 2.4 New Pence worth...

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Hey Mike,Please don't think I took offence at you reply to my review. Not at all. I certainly didn't take it as criticism. As I said, we are all entitled to an opinion be it good or bad. It's what makes the forum tick.

I'm happy with my review and just glad some people read the reviews.

I received the yoke in early May and flew with it almost every day up, to the point of doing the review, but as I also stated, I didn't suffer from any of the problems others have faced.



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