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FTX ENG with UK2000 Airports

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From Orbx forums, posted by Beta Tester Rob Newman, I thought the post would be of great interest to our members so I have re-created it here, for the original, visit http://www.orbxsyste...k2000-airports/

Hi all...

For those out there who have been wondering and asking about the compatibility of UK2000 airport sceneries with the upcoming FTX England, here is a little information and some comparison shots so you can see for yourself smile.png

Firstly, let me just make a few points. These have all been raised before, but as this post is specific to the issue, it's worth repeating...

1. UK2000 airports will work and be visible in FTX England provided the UK2000 scenery entry is above the FTX ENG region in your scenery library. You can ensure this is always the case by using the FTX Central application to set the FTX entry points below UK2000.

2. UK2000 airports were designed to be seamless with the UK photographic scenery. As such, they use slightly different elevation data. UK2000 airports also use a standard flat surface over one level which can lead to cliffs and ridges surrounding the airports (especially in hilly areas). FTX "default" airports use a special graded flatten system that blends the flat airports into surrounding terrain.

3. Similarly, UK2000 airport colour palettes were also designed to work seamlessly with the photographic scenery. FTX Eng uses a more vibrant, arguably better looking palette so UK2000 airports can appear a little washed out. This can be avoided by using the UK2000 control panel option of "No Background Image", but then you will lose some of the photographic elements of the UK2000 scenery (including some runways and taxiways).

4. FTX England will ship with complete coverage of UK airports, all of which have been "Orbified" and enhanced well beyond the current FSX default. The screenshots of the FTX airports below however are from part way through the development process... Neil Hill, our airport guru, has recently completed a final pass of all airports to add a little further enhancement to each one...

Below you will see for yourself the differences between the FTX airports vs UK2000. At the end of the day, the choice is yours! (It's good to have choices wink.png )







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Pardon my garden, but Salisbury Plain looks rather flat. Are the Orb-X boys playing 'Guess The Airport' with EGDM? :whis:

Knowing me. I've got the wrong scenery installed...

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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I think I will stick with uk 2000 and generation x photographic scenery, cant see any benefit of going to the ftx generic scenery at all and will only buy the ftx airports that i use regularly. Hopefully the news that ftx are not going to do major airports will give gary the chance to upgrade his major airports and retain the business.

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