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DC Airways World Rally Leg 1: Bandirma to Corlu AB's, Turkey.

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The first Leg of the DCA World Rally begins at Bandirma AB on the southern coast of The Marmara Sea in Turkey and traces the coastline east to the end of the lake. From there it becomes an NDB/VOR navigation flight to the north and then west to Corlu AB on the northern coast. The Marmara Sea connects the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea and separates Asian Turkey from European Turkey.

The distance is about 165nm and flight time is around seventy minutes. Here's the flight plan - Thanks, Tim! :thum:


Here we are, taking off from Bandirma AB and stowing the gear:


Turning east at the coast of the Marmara Sea:


Turning again, inland at Waypoint 1:


Second Waypoint - turning north towards the Istanbul area:


This is Sabiha Gokcen Intl, just east of Istanbul:


The Bosporus, with Constantinople on the west and Istanbul, the east:


Istanbul Ataturk Intl Airport:


My co-pilot took this with his mobile at Lake Buyukcekmece - we're still not sure what it is...


Turning onto the Left Circuit at Corlu AB:


Long final:


Dropping down on the nubers for runway 23 at Corlu:


Nice and easy - the calm before the storm, possibly?

Hope you enjoyed the flight - more WR2012 Legs to come.

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Thanks, Lads - yes, I wondered that, too, Brett - but nothing shows up on the satellite photo's...

Mind you, it's strange not being able to go straight up and down! I'll get used to fixed wing by the end of the Rally, I hope! :whis:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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