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DCA World Rally 2012 Leg 3: Retief (FAPF) to Ficksberg (FAFB)

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The third World Rally flight begins late afternoon in South Africa. and is almost exclusively navigation by NDB. The route is South Westerly from Retief and will terminate at Ficksburg, both cities in South Africa.

The distance is about 245nm and flight time will be approximately one-hour and forty minutes. This is a VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flight and here's the Flight Plan courtesy of Tim Arnott's Plan-G (Version 3 - so no contour shading):


Here we are, taking off on a lovely sunny afternoon from Retief:


First turn at the VHD NDB:


Turning west at the HS NDB:


That's Bethlem by the lake - turning south:


Starting the descent to Ficksberg:


Over our destination airport and about to enter the circuit:


Base turn:


Long Final:


Short Final:


And landed safely in the sunset. Time for a cuppa!


Apologies if the flight wasn't as exciting as maybe you'd like, but enjoyable for all that!

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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