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DCA World Rally 2012 Leg 4: Torp (ENTO) to Leirin (ENFG)

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The fourth World Rally flight is another late afternoon flight, this time in Norway, and is mostly navigation by NDB with some VOR. The route first takes us in a North Easterly direction and eventually North West to terminate at Leirin, Norway.

The distance is about 190nm and flight time will be approximately one-hour and twenty minutes. This is a VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flight, so keep those eyes open! Here's the Flight Plan from Plan-G

(Thanks Tim!):


It's a wet, windy day at Torp - but visibility is good. Here we are, stowing the gear:


Turning towards our first waypoint, the DA NDB:


Intercepting the 027 Radial from the TOR VOR:


As we fly up Oslofjiord, we find the new bridge which has replaced the famous tunnel.


At the end f Oslofjord is - Oslo:


TURNING North at the SOL NDB:


And here's Oslos main airprtat Gardermoen:


Turning north-west at th MES VOR:


Turning south-west off the MES 283 radial and watching the ADF needle tuned to theLL NDB:


Tracking the 148 radial inbound for ENFG:


Long Final - a little high, maybe:


Short Final and...


... we're down:


Well that's Leg 4 - almost half-way. See you next time - Thanks for joining me! :thum:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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