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Just Flight announce free Spitfire MkIV with every online purchase!

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November 21 2012

Until the 6th January 2013 you can get a FREE Spitfire Mk IV for FSX by Download when you buy ANY product from the Just Flight website!

You can see the screenshots and the specs of this fine machine on the Spitfire Mk IV page.

When you make a purchase, just use the discount code: SPITFIRE in the Shopping Cart and your FREE aircraft will automatically be added to your order.

The normal website price of the Spitfire Mk IV would be £12.99 / €15.95 / $19.99 - but use the discount code and you'll pay absolutely nothing!

The FREE Spitfire is yours whatever you buy from us, whether it's a new set of rudder pedals from our Hardware section or just a low-priced Livery Pack!

Spitfire Mk IV DP845 has been developed for us by Aeroplane Heaven to the same very high standard as the aircraft in our Battle of Britain and Spitfire Mk V Legends of Flight add-ons. This Griffon-powered Spitfire was fitted with a mock-up installation of a proposed six-cannon armament for a short time, a modification that features in this simulation. One of the most noticeable modifications on this aircraft is the introduction of slotted flaps, supported by large hinges on the underside of the wing. The model features an incredibly detailed and ultra-high-quality cockpit, exacting flight dynamics and realistic engine sounds.

We hope you enjoy flying it!


More at Just Flight http://www.justflight.com


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Thanks for the offer. Just picked up the Waco and free Spitfire and am downloading now. Smoking deal. :thum::D Who's better than you? Not sure if you fellows celebrate Thanksgiving over there but wish you a happy holiday non the less.

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I am getting old. I've got the Super Pacer from Justflight and I forgot to use the code for the Spitfire. Oh well, I'll sure pass by the shop again before christmas (if Mrs. Manzo allows for it)! :th_blush:

If you drop our orders team an e-mail (orders@justflight.com) they will add the free Spitfire to your account.



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