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UK2000 Scenery - Doncaster Xtreme

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I am a beta tester for UK2000, and I agree that the 2D people look rather out of place in such a high quality scenery package. In fact, I have never liked seeing 2D "anything" in my simulations. The best example of this would be race simulations like GT Legends and GTR2. Whenever I see an addon track with 2D cardboard cutout tree lines, I want to scream, particularly if the rest of the track scenery is very high quality. If I can, I look for these "tree planes" in the .TRK file, and manually remove them! Similarly, there is a library file in the UK2000 Common Library/Scenery folder called Lib_2dPeople.BGL (installed with the airport itself, or already installed if you have other UK2000 airports), and this can be renamed if you do not want to see those low res people at the airport. Just change the filename to something like Lib_2DPeople.BGX.

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Hi Rob,

Nice review, thank you.

I may get this after they have released Inverness.

I also agree about the 2D folk. They don't enhance the airport so leave them out please.

A good tip from Chris' Low though. Rename the bgl. I'll have to remember that little beauty.

Thanks Chris' and thanks again Rob.

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I am not sure when Gary will be developing UK2000 Inverness Xtreme. The current roadmap is Luton Xtreme and Leeds Bradford Xtreme over the next two or three months, and then Gary will be concentrating on developing a new set of tools before he starts work on Heathrow Version 3. After that......it's anyone's guess.

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