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Leg 28: Ketchikan (PAKT) - Prince George (CYXS)

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I was prepared for the worst, I knew that Sharon would be very upset about my delay.

She started screaming and yelling at me while walking together. I looked towards the GA apron, hoping that everything would end as soon as possible, because I could not wait to get on my aircraft.

"Your GPS is not functional, the VOR needle is broken, too. Use the ADF and you'll be fine. You will have the needle alive just for a bunch of miles, then you will have to keep the right heading. Strong winds are expected, so don't get too high and modify your heading accordingly. You will meet Sean near the tower at Prince George, here is the baton." 

I thanked her while finishing the walkaround. It was raining and the temperature was in the single digits. I heard the sound of her footsteps as she walked away.

Then I jumped in.




I had a bit of trouble firing her up, but finally the engine came to life.




The radios are set to the first NDB, we start our taxi to runway 11:






In a few minutes we are at holding point, doing our engine run-up.




No traffic around, we are free in the air now:




Heading to our first NDB, we will climb 13.000':




The landscape is mighty and amazing, we can see high mountains and sea. This makes the flight not certainly boring!








Cruising and following the green needle until she is there...




And now we have no signal. As Sharon told us, we have to make some heading adjustments now and then:






The landscape suddenly changes and becomes a bit flat:




We have the last NDB alive, we are not far form our destination. Let's start our descent.




About 5.000', it's hard to slow this baby down:




Trying to align the needle to the runway heading:




We have the runway in sight, let's slow her down and lower the gear.




On short final, we have a strong headwind:




The manual says "slight tail low attitude" for landing and we do it that way!




Runway is clear.




Here we are below the tower, maybe Sean is in the white car waiting for me?




Baton is safe, thanks for watching and sorry for delay! :hat:  :thanks:


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Well done :thum:  Your pic's are super and really take advantage of the scenery. Enjoyed the flight, thanks. :D (Is that Sharon on the nose art? ;) )

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No that's not Sharon on the nose. That's probably why she had her knickers in a knot at the start of the flight. Women are really funny (peculiar) that way.


Great shots, Rosario.


You are all getting closer to my home airport, now JUST 325nm (as the crow flies).




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Bravo Ros,

Great aircraft choice and quite a challenge to fly.

Superb shots, P3D is working very well for you.

Sorry about Sharon, I think she is dying to get a flight in!



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Great story Ros, well worth the wait.


Both the model and the paintjob on that bird is superb!


And you can't go wrong with the ORBX version of PAKT, just love those sloped taxi-ways...

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