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Is this what we pay our money for? debate

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I know FSX has far greater potential than fs2004 but I am saddened by the fact that there are very few "amateur" devs who seem able to create either a good a/c or piece of scenery for FSX.


I agree, Brit. I would have expected some enthusiastic UK freeware developer to have built models of many of the bridges throughout England and Wales. PlayHorizon have given us great versions of most of the really important bridges, but there are so many more that are missing......


Barmouth rail bridge

Cleddau road bridge

Flintshire road bridge

Orwell road bridge

Isle of Sheppey road bridge

Berwick-upon-Tweed rail viaduct

Thelwall Viaduct (M6) road bridge

Avonmouth (M5) road bridge


In addition, there are plenty of stunning rail viaducts that could be added (eg. Ribblehead).


I agree there, I love the Playhorizon photo scenery (with Treescapes of course) and will soon have the full UK set once Scotland Central Vol 7 is released, what I like to add to This Scottish scenery is Scotflight, this sorts out all prominent landmarks that Playhorizon missed and much more, latest I heard is Playhorizon Vol 7 is expected mid April ish, then a Scotflight update should be available a month or two later ... must buys here :thum:


Maybe some developer could develop an England/Walesflight package? otherwise Gary Summons UK 2000 Airports go a long way too.


As regards value for money scenery software for FSX I highly recommend Fly Tampa, not too expensive, frame rate friendly and simply stunning, bought Dubai Rebooted recently and also own St Maarten by them that is way better than FSX's own depiction of this area.

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