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Leg 35. Ottawa (CYOW) to Halifax Shearwater (CYAW)

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It's been a while since I got the 3rd leg of the ATWC started, bringing us from Russia onto the North American Continent at Unalaska. That had proved to be a difficult and dangerous flight. so As I rolled up at Ottawa, I was hoping that to finish this section off wasn't going to require some crazy piloting skills like last time. Fortunately, Ottawa doesn't lend itself to crazy that well. In fact the Canadian Capital is far to straight laced to enjoy many things. Locals even wander across the Provincial Border to fun Loving Quebec to enjoy the nightlife that Ottawa lacks. 


Now I think its fair to say I've flown a selection of different airliners on this trip, and remembering a challenge from my fellow moderator, Mr. Andrew Godden, I decided to leave the PMDG range behind and return to an old friend. The Level D 767 is one of my favorites and an aircraft that still tests many a sim pilot today, despite its aging looks. So Baton in hand and a very nice Air Canada 767-300ER sitting on the tarmac for me. Let's get going. 



Welcome to Canada's Capital.


The Weather is not looking to bad, which makes a change and the forecast for arrival in Halifax is for fair weather. So reassured I begin prepping the old girl for flight. The 767 is a 1070's design, built in the 80's and still available brand new (ANA got some just a few years ago as compensation for delays to the 787) if your willing to pay the price. It's the aircraft that paved the way for the 777, 787 and A330 by defining ETOPS regulations for flights across water. Anyway enough Fangirl nonsense. Boeing sure know how to design a panel and the preflight is similar to the 737 in many ways. However when it comes to route programming, things get interesting. Halifax Shearwater isn't a civilian airport. In fact it's been closed for sometime and the 767 doesn't list it in the navigation database. My only recourse is to program for the nearby Halifax International and let ATC vector me the rest of the way. 


With the preflight done, its time to get going and I call for pushback and start. It's clear there's a bit of snow down as clouds of fine snow form around the gear.   And As I taxi the snow follows me around. 





snow is still around despite the nice weather.


I reach the runway and ATC clears me for takeoff. for a capital city Ottawa isn't busy, reminding me of my own Cardiff Airport. The aircraft accelerates and soon we're up and on our way to Halifax. flight time is expected to take around 2 hours and with George doing the flying, I deal with the radio calls and setting the MCP for the climb



The clouds part as we leave for Halifax


This area of Canada is flat to say the least. As the ground passes below there seems little of interest to stare at, Just fields for miles and miles. 



Nothing but Fields for Miles. 


Soon though the ground disappears and a thick blanket of cloud threatens to make life a little bumpy. right on cue, just as I reach for a fresh coffee, the turbulence starts. 




I flick the Seatbelt sign back on as the aircraft begins to get buffeted and bounced around. It seems to coincide with us slipping from Canadian Airspace and into the US. maybe the old girl dislikes the neighbours. Either way for the next hour I'm treated to bouncing around like a drunk jellyfish as George corrects for the gusts. Pretty soon though, we're passing Bangor International and the cloud breaks long enough for me to get a glimpse of the airport below.



Passing Bangor Below.


Reaching the Eastern Seaboard the cloud breaks once again and I'm treated to a lovely mid afternoon view across the water. It won't be long until we're starting the descent so I enjoy the view while it lasts. 




Descending, the weather doens't look good. a thick blanket of cloud covers the ground below and I begin to worry about my approach in to shearwater. The Airport has no ILS and all approaches are Visual. Plus the field resides in Halifax itself just adds to the pressure. 



The Cloud is getting Thicker....


The view from up front isn't any better as cloud fills the screen. 




Things improve as I get closer to Halifax. By the time Halifax international pops up to my left, the cloud is clearing and I'm feeling a lot more confident about my approach.



CYHZ off to the left


Now the fun begins as ATC starts vectoring me for arrival at Shearwater. I expect an approach to runway 10 and soon the airfield is in sight.  



Almost there


As expected its a visual Approach and I should land just before the light begins to fade to badly. I turn onto Final and I'm greeted to a beautiful approach over the city. 






With a bump, I'm down and it isn't long before I'm turning to exit the runway. 



And there. 





I taxi and park, Shutting down the aircraft. It's been really nice to fly the old girl again and i'll probably fly her more often now I've been reminded what a nice aircraft she is. In the mean time its off to the hotel to rest up for the final leg back to the UK. Oh the fun we're going to have. 






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Bravo Jess, we always enjoy your banter and super wiiide shots!


I could end up going to Florida in the 767 if Boeing don't get their finger out with the 787, so I may ask you for some training.. just in case!


Thanks for bringing the penultimate section to a close, we are on the home stretch now!!

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I really enjoy those shots Jess. Seeing you flying the classic LevelD makes we want to get the old girl out of the hangar and take her for a trip myself.

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Built a bit too late for old King Harold to use at Hastings.


Great trip, Jess. I get a big kick out of your commentaries (and you penchant for Big Iron).





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Well done Jess.

But I will need to check those wiiiiide shots one more time I think. I suspect the iPhone isn't the best device to fully enjoy them;)

I'll get the last departure board posted tomorrow, and the bidding will start sometime midweek. I hope everyone will enjoy what we have planned for the last section and the special way we're going to end this ATWC. ;)

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