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PMDG 737 NGX or ifly 737?

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I agree with Kieran 100%. I have both and bought the PMDG because I was getting frustrated with the iFly. Unfortunately, they both have really good features and really bad features. Depends on your point of view (pun intended). You can't go wrong with either. They're both miles ahead of the stock FSX 737.


The iFly is more in keeping with the MS methodology. Using keyboard commands and on-screen menus to switch around between views. PMDG has elected to go the exact opposite route. Everything is done in the VC (optionally, you can load a 2D cockpit). I think it would be great for someone with head tracking equipment and a strong stomach. As it is, I'm working my way through the manuals and tutorials, and expect to be much more knowledgeable about April of 2015.


I plan to use the PMDG to duplicate (where possible) my "Come Fly with Me" trip to Asia at the close of last year.



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Haven't tried the iFly version, but the NGX is the best plane I have in my hangar... no question about it..


I have no issues with the VC only solution even with out a tracking gear.. what I do have is the "EZdok Camera Addon for FSX" that let's you set up custom cameras to make it easier to find your way around the cockpit....


Sure, it's a steep learning curve if you're not used to a plane with high system complexity, but if you find a good flow chart and fly the tutorial flights a few times it's really a treat to fly it.


And of course, regardless of what version you end up with, consider getting the FS2Crew add-on for your plane. It reduces your workload and enables you to mainly focus on flying (once the pre-flight and FMC programming is done.

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