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Just to add to the confusion!

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I was slowly putting this lot together in the last week!


Why you shouldn't turn a ship when the gun ports are all open!




MV Freedom of the Seas


Cutty Sark






USS Bon Homme Richard




Sail Training Ship, Belem


A Perfect Storm on it's way!


Thanks for viewing! 

Just waiting for Ship Simulator 2008 to arrive! Ordered it last week! :D


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Nice collection Alan. :thum:

I have tried sailing a few times in FSX but it is not as exciting as flying. I did not even know they made a sailing sim, might make it a bit more fun if it is more immersive. 


Edit: I did just look it up and see the whole picture. I can see it being fun to get into just like the many other sims like trains and trucks. Hope you enjoy it and don't have to wait to long for the mail to arrive. :D  I see you can get a control device for the low price of only 395.00 :stars:

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Who put the nav lights on the Cutty Sark? Maybe it's the junior midshipman using his iPad...

Magic shots as ever, Al' - Thanks for sharing! :thum:

Cheers- Dai. :cool:

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There's a sailing sim out there somewhere - Virtual Skipper IV - America's Cup or some such. Quite challenging even if you do know your way around a racing yacht. Probably be quite confusing for someone who doesn't.


We got the whole Chilean Navimag Ferry Crew Group turned on to it on a trip down the coast from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales. Captain of the ship had a ball.


Edit - see: http://www.virtualskipper.com/

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