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  2. Comedy of Errors....I was a bit slow off the mark there Joe.
  3. More concerned with my PSA readings these days. Hopefully old age will kill me before it does. Trials & Tribulations.
  4. Thats four times the price I paid for my first house back in 1971.
  5. Yup, my HbA1c is due next week. It's a trial . . .
  6. Usually have to take one of those to the Diabetic Clinic each year.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Earwigs, a curious insect with the scientific name, Demaptera.
  9. Last week
  10. Atta boy JG - only they'll have to call it 'Aftershock'. My wife saw this on the local news - while launching/retrieving his boat a guy forgot to put it his hybrid SUV in park and it rolled into the salt water. When they hauled the truck out of the water it burst into flames - flames that the local fire department couldn't put out. See: https://bc.ctvnews.ca/caught-on-camera-hybrid-electric-suv-plunges-into-water-at-port-moody-boat-launch-1.4425001?cache=yes%3FclipId%3D375756%3FclipId%3D89578 Cheers, March
  11. Dammit, fell into your fiendish trap!!! Gravel
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