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  2. Just down the road from me, there's an airfield open day tomorrow, 10-4. Loads of stuff coming in. Well worth a visit. https://www.goodwood.com/flying/aerodrome/aerodrome-open-day/
  3. Hi Beejay, I've not had anyone PM me with their Skype details so this is now a closed Mutley Crew fly-in. Please feel free to make the flight and post your account of the flight at your leisure, I have attached the flight plan for the route we will be taking. Sorry to disappoint, if we had three or more volunteers then maybe we could have gone for it. Cheers, Joe ATWC7 Final Flight.pln
  4. So what's the planned cruise speed and alt? Trying to pick my aircraft for tomorrow.
  5. If you have your serial number for FSX version, you will get a 20% discount.
  6. Brilliant shots mate, i enjoyed the live stream the other evening that you did of it.
  7. wain

    just a few...

    thanks for the comments..
  8. cheers, I will take a look at this....
  9. Ah, my former employer. Do ask myself though; for how much longer it can stay free at point of delivery. Dark days ahead me thinks but until then a fine service indeed.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Looking great, number 2 my favorite..
  12. jaydor

    just a few...

    Looking good mate, good to see XP on snow...
  13. Due to XP's datarefs, EFB can not number the taxiways, everything else is normal. I really missed it from FSX.
  14. Took a few pics from my stream last night...
  15. wain

    just a few...

    Full reinstall of both sims over weekend to a couple of new drives, first chance last night to get a short bit of air time...
  16. wain

    The Flying Goose

    great looking plane..
  17. Nice, like Jim said very baron...
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