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  3. The press... Forced to take the King's shilling
  4. Many, many thanks. I shall continue the struggle as I enjoy working through the Missions. Warm Yuletide greetings to you.
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  6. jankees

    Meteor .

    I just uploaded another paint for this bird jk2536 Did it a while ago, but forgot to load it completely...but no longer
  7. Good you said it's near Hanover, I would never have guessed... But very nice shots
  8. Love it. very atmospheric.
  9. Currently at Lelystad in The Netherlands, Returning to UK on 5th, some reports saying with a Red Arrows escort over the Dover cliffs.
  10. Some of us still here😁 FSX has always been unstable and when I was using it I had endless issues with crashes. There are a some good tips on this site for dealing with wobbly fsx but by now they probably buried a bit now. Try searching the site using terms like FSX Crash. Having said the above I don't have any experience with the Steam version so I can't be sure that any wise words found will work with the steam version. My personal experience with FSX weren't good with respect to stability, so I upgraded to P3D. This helped a lot but still not so good in some circumstances. Eventually I gave X-Plane 11 a try as a parallel install and I have found it to be very stable In deed. I have now given up on FSX and P3D and stick to X-Plane 11.
  11. Love the invasion liveries!
  12. Alienware, very good off the shelf Gaming Machines.
  13. same plane, VH-AZF, in different times: 1951: jk2428 1967: jk2491 1971: jk2472 and today: jk2424
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