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  2. Hi Everyone, Now that the conversion to XP11 is complete, it's time to have some fun. Tonight's flight departs Boston and heads on into Washington DC. https://youtu.be/wDcql1VyDQo
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  4. History is a great teacher! A statement that is true even for our hobby. Ever since consoles were first released, the world of consoles versus PCs have always been world's apart. Notwithstanding this, some products have continued to have a cross platform release because PCs are still a good platform for games. This is not to say that some fantastic "games" aren't produced for consoles.....but there is the point of historically accepted differentiation. Consoles are for "gamers", PCs are for "simmers"! Some simulators have successfully transitioned to consoles. Driving and car racing simulators, specifically, where input and interaction is simply via a steering wheel and pedals, peripherals which have been produced for consoles. However, any true flight simulator product, and I am including simulators beyond the standard flight sims of P3D, FSX, and X-Plane, often require extensive interaction with peripheral devices that only a fully functional cockpit with "6 degrees of freedom" could replicate. The DCS combat flight simulator is one that particularly comes to mind, and even in the case of DCS, a fully functional cockpit with "6 degrees of freedom" still does not fully replace the need for a keyboard as the optimum method of input for certain functionality. So, I'm with the naysayers. As long as this is developed for a console platform, even in tandem with a PC platform, this is most likely going to be nothing more than a "game". Cheers Andrew
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  6. Who knew? Wellingtons were used as minesweepers. Interesting article with some photos. In one case a Wellington, which had a famously strong structure, survived a 10 g acceleration from a mine detonated while flying below the 35' safety minimum and was determined upon subsequent inspection to be undamaged. https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2019/06/17/how-fords-flathead-v-8-helped-save-lives-as-an-aerial-minesweeper-during-world-war-ii/ John
  7. This is a repaint I did from a request I had, turned out really nice. I liked the fact it had camo on the top and sky blue underneath, pure stealth
  8. Here's a new and rather long magazine article, well written even though it does not mention some known and relevant facts. It's worth the read partly because it does a fairly decent job of tying together in layman's language some of the details of the unprecedented satellite "tracking" that was used to determine the flight path. It fails to mention the predicted appearance of the flotsam on Reunion Island by an Australian oceanographer shortly after the flight and 18 months before the flaperon was found there. It also ignores the political leanings of the captain and the fact that he'd seen his political hero, an outspoken opponent of the government then in power, convicted in court of a sexual crime on the very day of the flight. Other sources tell us he literally went from the courthouse to the airport, which seems pretty significant. The article doesn't mention any of that but I can't see any errors in it aside from errors of omission. Worth the read if you have the time and interest. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/07/mh370-malaysia-airlines/590653/ John
  9. J G


    I flew back from Rome the other day and took this photo:What are the separation rules over Europe?
  10. Nice work on the camo JK
  11. Hi Marcus, please send the details to joe@mutleyshangar.com , I think my API key needs updating. Thanks, Joe
  12. We tried to submit a press release via your Contact Form page and the "I'm not a robot" checkbox does not appear to be working. We get the following error: "Robot verification failed, please try again." Please instruct on how to proceed or how to submit. Thank you, Marcus Thompson simwest
  13. Hi Dolf, were these with auto-mode? Also, what texture software do you use, as I like the cloud textures in this. I find a lot of them being too sharp around the edges and my preference is a more softer feel. Currently I use TD4 and Soft Clouds, so I could still install those textures and then put everything else on auto in Environment Force (if I get it) I was thinking of getting Sky Force but really did not see the point if I am still using Active Sky for the engine and TD4 for texture - are Sky Force textures better? Thanks, Jim
  14. Cheers looks good either way
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