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  1. The G1000NXi in 2020 is a free upgrade through the market place. The latest improvement is update 8. One of the additions in past upgrades is, the use of the OBS button, a very useful item in the GNXi. Aligning the runway ahead of arrival:
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  2. The iFly Development Team, in partnership with Flight One Software, has officially released iFly Jets Advanced Series - The 737NG, exclusively for Prepar3D v5.2+. This base package, which contains the -800 and -900 variants, is iFly Development Team's most advanced addon to date. Prepar3D v5 is an amazing simulation platform that allows for some of the most advanced flight modeling and systems simulation possible on any platform. iFly Development Team has dug deep into the features within the Prepar3D v5 platform to bring you these new features: Supports Prepar3D v5.2+ and Dire
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